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Dawdle dashboard and profile user interface design preview.

Dawdle App

Connect anywhere

Connect with your friends at festivals and concerts using Dawdle!

There are many situations where mobile communication is made incredibly difficult due to nonexistent cellular infrastructure. Dawdle is an application that solves this problem by allowing users to communicate and find each other even without cell service or internet connection using a technology already installed on almost all phones called Wi-Fi Direct.

Just remember to keep calm, connect anywhere and Dawdle on.

Tour the Prototype

Dawdle dashboard and profile user interface design preview.
The target consumer demographic primarily includes middle class college students between 18 to 28-year-olds who frequently attend music festivals and large events and who owned smart phones. The name, Dawdle, originated from the first hand feelings and actions of being separated from friends at a music festival without reception and having to walk aimlessly and idly until you find them.
Dawdle loading screen
 Dawdle map user interface design preview.
The interface was created to be very clear and intuitive to work in a chaotic event environment while providing all features that a festival attendee would need while navigating the event with their friends.
Dawdle dashboard and profile user interface design preview.
Bright solid colors were utilized to increase visibility of elements on both light and dark backgrounds or screen brightness level. The light blue used is intended to invoke feelings of stability and reliability, while the light grey color provides enough contrast to the darker background that is perfect for low light situations.