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Dawdle App

Connect anywhere

There are many situations where mobile communication is made incredibly difficult due to nonexistent cellular infrastructure. Dawdle is an application that solves this problem by allowing users to communicate and find each other even without cell service or internet connection using a technology already installed on almost all phones called Wi-Fi Direct.

Xenofray Mobile Game

Capture. Train. Fight. Survive.

Build up your favorite team of Xeno Monsters and pit them against other Hunters’ squads!


Lazy Bird CBD

Lazy Bird CBD is a Shopify e-commerce website the facilitated the sale of CBD products. Jerry worked with a development team, providing mockups of the site and designing icons, banners and other assets. Jerry also handled marketing content and optimized SEO for the site.

Be Green Not Mean Marketing Video

Be Green Not Mean is an ethos to live by, a way to help you leave a green legacy for your family, your neighbors and planet Earth. Jerry created a marketing video about countering pollution by leaving a green legacy.


AAMCO Auto Repair Coupons

Marketing collateral created for the auto repair & transmissions company, AAMCO. Jerry managed building sites for many of these AAMCO locations and handled optimizing SEO. These coupons were created for each location to showcase their specials and services.

Clark Law Firm Domestic Abuse Infographic

Boulder DUI Attorney Phil Clark can help defend your case and fight your charges. Jerry designed and created this infographic for this Law Firm to help illustrate how false accusations of domestic abuse happen and how a lawyer can help you navigate the tense issue.


Miami Everglades Airboat Tours

Miami Everglades Connection is a tour guide company offering private and semi-private Everglades Airboat Tours. Jerry migrated (Wix to WordPress), redesigned, and built this airboat tour website.

Cline Caldwell Google Display Ads

Cline Caldwell, LLP delivers result-driven legal representation to Colorado families. Jerry created compelling Google Display Ads and marketing collateral in proper specs and using best practices.


Amazon Personalize Landing Page

Customer Paradigm utilizing Amazon’s Automated machine learning technology, Amazon Personalize, to increase conversion rates. Jerry designed and built the Amazon Personalize showcase landing page.

Hoopologie Marketing Advertisement

Hoopologie is committed to inspire you to experience the Flow Arts. Jerry created compelling Facebook and Google marketing video advertisements to help drive more traffic to the e-commerce site.



AAMCO Ski Season Car Prep Infographic

Is your car ready for the ski season this winter? Jerry designed and created this infographic to help people prepare themselves and their vehicles for a safe trip up to their favorite ski resorts.

Revelations Packaging

Revelations is a brand of instant powdered alcohol that comes in multiple flavors ranging from vodka to Puerto Rican Rum. Powdered alcohol is much easier to carry for the active adult beverage consumer. Hand drawn lettering and illustrations packaging design.



American Naturals Packaging

Sof’ella & Baker’s Pantry brand packaging design created for Cost Plus World Market.

Mana Tea House Branding

Mana Tea House plays upon aspects of lore and the supernatural. Mana is a symbol of power, magic, revitalization and is the seen as the essence of all life.



Showtek Poster Series

Posters designed for a concert series in California for the electronic dance music DJ, SHOWTEK.

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

This project showcases a commission for a wedding invitation designed as a boarding pass for a destination wedding to Oahu, Hawaii. The folding sleeve is also created with the idea of displaying a map to the destination as well as the itinerary for the event.



Growing an Avocado Infographic

This amusing poster illustrates the process for growing an avocado plant in an interesting and adorable way. 

Stop Drilling PSA

A PSA video created to remind people of the horrors caused by offshore oil rigs during the Deepwater Horizon spill and to motivate them to speak out against building more rigs.



Haiku Designs Work Showcase

A couple of examples of the work designed for Haiku Designs, including video editing and composition as well as an email newsletter campaign.